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"I hate to admit it, but I'm glad I didn't have to eat alone." She looked at me. "Stay here for a minute. Let me get a head start to bio. If any of yo...r friends see you walking with me, you'll get shit." Suddenly, she was gone.I sighed and got rid of my trash. When I got to bio, I could see her getting grilled by Ms. T about the bruises. She must have parried the questions, because she eventually went to her seat and Ms. T didn't do anything. She made it through the class, left, and I went to. We entered the parking lot and it was full, and they had a security guard watching the lot so I knew we would have some time alone. He parked his bike close to my pickup and we got in and closed the door and cracked the windows a bit. My windows are tinted and nobody could see in.I again reached over to feel his cock so hard and we continued to talk. He pulled his shorts down and off and was stoking his cock in front of me while I too off my pants and was naked sitting there watching him and. “You mean your vibrator?” When Shiloh blushed darker and nodded, he slid his hand down to her ass and squeezed. “What will the others think of you?”“I don’t care,” Shiloh said automatically and defiantly.Kaius kissed her again, hard enough to raise a whimper from her. “Reb, if you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be blushing and worrying about the fact that some movers we’ll probably never see again touched your vibrator.”Shiloh bit her lip and looked up at him. “You’re not mad?”Kaius shook his head.. So, once aga–”“Why is that even important?” Bill asked.Dante drew a nine-millimetre pistol from his waist and stepped to Bill, planting the muzzle against his forehead. Frankie shivered and mouthed, “Oh my God,” before cupping the lower half of her face.“How about, because I think it fucking is, eh?” Dante clicked the safety off.“I t-told you,” Frankie stuttered, “He helped me get the stuff around. If not for him, I wouldn’t have sold as much as I did.”“You didn’t sell all, that’s my problem,”.
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