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"Close your mouth and suck it Lyn, just like a lollipop," and she slowly closed her mouth around it and began to suck, gently at first and then her su...king got harder. She would only take a few inches in and Jed became satisfied with it as her hand began to run the rest of it's length and her other played with his balls, she seemed like a child with a new toy as she experimented, taking more of it and then less and she soon began to give a decent blow job. Suddenly, she pulled her head back,. I wanted this woman. My physical attraction to her was undeniable, but there was so much more. I felt her filling a void in my life. For the first time in many years, I knew I would not be alone tonight. I tried, but somehow, could not quite remember. Was this what it felt like to be falling in love? I wanted to ask her, but the question died on my lips when I first felt her hand brush purposefully against my cock. “My God, Jeanne.” “What?” “Be careful.” “What's wrong?” “I don't know how much. . Our thing was we do nothing alone! Meaning our decision we make as one. After a few months I began to notice a change in her. We would fuck or some kinda kinky stuff several times a week. All she wanted to do now was just jerk me off a few times a week. I asked again.. is there something wrong? No baby she always replied. The affection wasn’t there like it use to be and I didn’t like it. Was she cheating I thought. No way I always told her she could have anything she liked man woman anything. So it’s was very hard for us to meet because of the family restrictions and other stuff. However, we used to meet when possible for a day or two-day date.During the date, we used to roam outside, do shopping, explore restaurants, movie. She is very sensitive and had restrictions that sex should happen only after marriage. I accepted her wish and was going by that. As time passed on we started inclining little towards phone sex. We used to chat in what’s app and did a few romantic sessions..
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