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Mr. Wilson stepped closer to Katee, who was trembling in fear and embarrassment at this point. She looked around, it was like all of the men watching had frozen in space. No one was pumping gas, no one was washing their car. All eyes were fixed on her as they were watching this show unfold. Even Mr. Wilson knew that he had to come up with some sort of explanation to explain himself. “You see boys, Katee isn’t exactly the smartest tool in the shed.” He chuckled at her expense “Her Father,. One or two evenings a week, we might be at their house for dinner or a card game, or they could be at ours. Unless they were out on a date or made some other arrangements, the kids always joined us for dinner, wherever dinner was that night. It was our main time together and we really wanted to know what they were doing and feeling about things.Being young and very much in love, Ben and Beth were always together once Ben's team practice was over for the day. They ate together, studied. I joined in the grunting and had built up a good rhythm and quickened the pace and felt the fluttering in my loins, my nuts tightened and OMG did I let out a loud “OH FUCK YESSSS!” as I felt my hot man seed shoot deep into Sally, I think she felt it too as she cried out a muffled cry still trapped between Lisa’s legs.I banged hard as her cunt muscles tightened even harder sucking every drop out of me, she certainly had control down there.I was done and Sally was breathless and we all tried to. The men started work and l changed into something that would be more revealing, when l took them refreshment the looks of their faces said how much they liked what l was wearing. I went back inside and stood at the window watching with a hand in my knickers gently running a finger between my pussy lips over my clitty. By the time Tom phoned l had worked myself into a frenzy, l positioned my mobile on the mantle so he could view the whole room, Tom gave me my orders, l was to stand at the window.
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