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She liked it in here. Or rather, she liked the view from up here, on the second floor. She would come here whenever she had a moment; come here to be ...lone. Not that she needed to be alone. She was alone quite enough as it was, with her husband away again for the week on account of his work.No, what she really came up here for was the view of the playing fields. This was an all male sports academy, and there were always young men outside, running, jumping, stretching, jostling. They were all. Mom gave out a little gasp, then began moaning. They continued for a few moments, then mom stood up and turned so that she faced the three of us.She pulled her panties down and stepped out of them, showing her smooth waxed pussy. Next, she removed her bra, then slid the robe off her shoulders and placed her hands on her hips. She was a sight to behold, standing naked before us except for her stockings, garters, and heels.“I know what you studs want,” she announced, “and tonight you’re going to. As stated before, the bits of the puzzle eventually came to me, one by one, until I could assemble a clear picture of the things that happened in the manor over the next months. And so I shall, from this point, intermingle those parts of the tale to which I was a direct witness, with the parts in which I was elsewhere. It becomes tedious to document how and when I found things out. So I shall just write what I know to have happened, and let you contemplate on how I knew it, in some cases.Jenny. We live each day striving for perfection. We’re not there yet.”I nodded, “I agree, at least for myself. I’m not in position to speak about anyone else’s situation.”“And that is the beginning of wisdom.”“Sensei, what are we going to do about the lack of discipline in the kids and young adults who’ve been coming to the dojo?”“It’s a tough choice, and whichever decision I make has the potential to create problems. You and I have different approaches. My way is to bring them in, take it fairly easy.
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