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He had moved his body to try and make it less obvious, but it is kind of hard to hide a cock that... well... hard. “She is sleeping. The medication ...ade her tired. She will be out cold for a couple of hours. Maybe I can hang out with you? Do you want me to turn the movie back on? What were you watching?” I said as I turned and went to the DVD player. The movie was still playing, just the TV had been shut off. My finger was reaching for the power button to turn it on when he abruptly said. Still kissing he pulled the straps down and my dress fell away from my body revealing my sexy underwear. I then took off his shirt and unbuttoned his trousers so that we were both standing in our underwear. Slowly we moved onto teh bed, still kissing until I unclipped my bra and took it off, throwing it on the floor. Mark then began to kiss my breasts, sucking gently on each nipple as he moved over them. He moved down my body until he rolled off my pants.Mark wasted no time in plunging his head. The little prick. I'll kill the dirty shit. Cut his balls off. What a little bastard.Oh, you think I'm mad? Oh, no, I'm just getting started. I'll have his balls on my key chain. Little bastard.Okay, look, I know how teens are. I'm one myself. I mean, I'd like to get a look at some of the boys I go to school with. Sure, I'd like to see them naked. Even my little shit brother, I've had a glimpse of him, once even where it looked like he was hard. Dick sticking straight out. Just saw it for a. Now his glistening tongue whirled around the hardening tips of her quivering breasts, and his sharp teeth nipped playfully at the swelling little nipples. Chris knew Sandy was watching, she knew her best friend was somewhere there in the darkness, watching as she was dragged into the lowest, vilest depths of humiliation and depravity. She was once again, the second time in less than 24 hours, being treated like a whore. But how unlike last night! Francois had been such a gentleman. Now she was.
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