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I remember seeing a tattoo of a Playboy bunny near her pussy and im thinking it is here, wow.So she climbed onto the bed, did not say a single word an... started slowly licking away on my cock. The feelings that i was getting were indescribable, she was slowly sucking and licking away from my balls all the way to the top of my cock, when she reached to the top, she slowly started to take inch by inch of cock in to her mouth, i really wanted to explode in her mouth but had to hold out until it was. I smile. He excites me. He goes up and down his length. He is prepping his penis. I think to myself. Once his is satisfied he presses his penis once more to my entrance. “Aria?” he asks. I blink and respond “yes?” No words were needed. He pushes his way into me. I groan. He fill’s me with all of his cock. Like a dancer he gracefully and magically goes in and out of me. Like thread in the eye of a needle, so precise. I’m so fucking wet. He starts to pick up his rhythm and I find myself meeting. Peter and Meagan were only about four feet apart. Meagan was posed as if she had just opened a towel that had been wrapped around her body to flash Peter.Meagan had really gotten into that pose. It was like she was inverting all her worries about Peter peeking at her from their earlier sessions by deliberately exposing herself. She had posed with an impish grin on her face and stood in such a way that she was emphasizing both her chest and pubic mound to Peter.For that painting, Peter had posed. You reach out to the hole and poke two fingers through and stroke the cock next door. This is all the encouragement he needs to poke it through the hole. You look at this amazing disembodied cock that has suddenly entered your room and reach out to stroke it. Stroking that strange cock puts you over the edge and you start cumming all over me.I pull my wet face from between your thighs and look up at you, then see your arm extended and your hand wrapped around this cock. My own cock suddenly.
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