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.and I love the landing strip above your lips…so damn sexy.” A s she found her inner thighs and g arden, she let her arousal quicken, thinking bac... to how amazing Tommy had been while showering. She gushed as her antics brought her to fruition, so hard was her climax she needed to put out her arm and steady herself before letting the water once again run over her, rinsing away the soap. As she stepped out onto the carpet, dripping wet, searching for a towel she felt disappointment waft over. I wanted to take her to a motel and fuck her and leave. She wanted to go to her place so I can pay her more money and not pay for the motel room.We arrived at her place and when we got in, she started to kiss me. She drove her tongue into my mouth and I was in heaven. I have never been tongue fucked like that in my life. She was aggressive and dominating. After getting me hard, she led me into her bedroom. She had a big wall mirror on her sliding closet door and when she pushed me on her bed I. She then slide a finger into my ass and I jump and then she whispers in ear. Let step it up she puts a mouth spreader gag in my mouth leaving mout wide open and I start to slobber over my brests. I then see he approach me with clover clamps and then she attaches to nipples and I jump at the pain. I start to feel warm in my pussy. She then walks to wall and I see her grab a dildo like object come to find out it is an inflatable butt plus. Sha spreads some liquid on it and proceeds to push in to. I tolerated it because she wasn’t perfect. Nobody’s perfect. And when Noah asked me if everything was okay with my sister, I gave him her excuses because to do anything else would be to betray and how could I betray someone who’d stood by me my entire life? We always caught each other on the way down. I should have hated her for the duplicity but I could never hate her. I’d do anything for her because I knew her. I knew where she’d come from and why she did the things she did.I was her sister..
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