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I couldn't refuse, the heat on my bare flesh had erupted into a fire between my legs. My eyes were closed, I couldn't have seen who the hands belonged...to, or even told how many there where, stroking my arms, stomach, grabbing my breasts and pulling them this way and that, finger pinching and tweaking and flicking my nipples into hard nubs of pleasure.A moan escaped my throat and was swallowed by the room as a mouth enclosed a nipple and sucked, teeth painfully gripping and tugging and even the. " I said to roaring hilarity from those around, none more so than from Sam, herself.To my dismay, Jill wasn't at her desk, as it was her opinion that mattered the most. She would tell me honestly if I looked stupid, although when Sam came up to my desk and seriously complimented me, I felt relieved. I trusted her judgement too.It was a good hour before I heard Jill's voice break my concentration. "My, isn't this a day for surprises?"I looked around and looked at her usual elegance. "Plural?". “Of course, but this might take a bit longer, so I’ll just meet you there instead, ok?” “That’s fine. I’ll see you there. I love you, Tiffany.” “Love you too, Mark. Bye.” The phone clicked as she hung up. Tiffany was Mark’s girlfriend of six months. They first met at that same club, Chat Noir, or Black Cat. It was one of those nightclubs that was usually always dark and only lit by black lights. It was one of the most popular clubs in town, and was frequented by dozens of people every night.. "Elise looked at Dex with wide, moist eyes for long moments before she spoke. "Tonight, on the ground in the parking lot, you held me. Death was very near, but I felt safer than ever in my memory. I had the overwhelming feeling I was where I belonged. Dex, hold me!" Will you be OK?" If I shake, just hold me until I stop. Don't let go!" Almost awkwardly, she turned to face Dex and pulled herself tight against him. She had put her arm around his back, touching one of his wounds, but there was no.
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