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The helpless feelings inside her made her want to wrap her arms around him in comfort, and maybe reassurance.Jim looked down at his daughter and her c...ncerned look slashed through his heart like a razor. He had been selfish in his solitude all day, and now the resultant guilt drew him out of himself. His daughter needed him, and he couldn’t deny her any more. She’d hung in there for four years while he wallowed in self-pity. Enough was enough!Reaching down to her, he extended his hands, palms. That feels great. It feels like Wendy has a cock and is fucking me with it. Fuck me Wendy. Fuck me with your big cock. Mmmmmm.”I couldn’t last any longer and I filled Mel’s biscuit with my baby batter. I sat on the bed next to them and watched the love they showed for each other and then I saw Wendy go down on Mel and suck out all the cum. Giving Mel orgasm after orgasm. I started to get hard just watching them but knew that this was a special time just for them to savor.I had a quick shower. “Kyle? Sure, that’s how I met Karen, through my friendship with Kyle.”“I see,” said Amanda with an obvious lightening of her mood.Noticing that Amanda seemed placated for the moment, Sean made another call.“Call Kirby.”Once more the speakers in his car came to life with ringing followed by the voice of his uncle, “Sean?”“Yes, sir. We’re almost to Camilla so we should be in good cell range from now until Atlanta.”“Good,” Kirby said. “You still plan on taking Highway 300 north from there?”“That’s. " mum blushed deep crimson "Do you like it." Well it's not a banana in my pocket." I joked.Mum laughed and looked me over, something in her eyes told me that she liked what she saw, there was a twinkle deep in her eyes that I had often seen when my father was alive, it usually meant that they took an early night. Shaking myself mentally for my thoughts I asked the burning question."So where are we going?" Where would lads of your age normally take their bits of stuff?" she asked."Pointers.
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