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I could see no trace of him on the grass, although there was still a clear indentation where I had been sitting. I continued to ponder the problem for...the rest of the day.The next morning I was in half a mind not to go to work. I wasn’t looking forward to another week of sly glances and sniggers. But to my surprise, everyone seemed to treat me the way they had before my calamitous assignation with Claire: the ribald remarks and propositions were back.I managed to avoid Claire herself till. She continued to cling to him for a full two minutes and he could feel her shaking. Finally she looked up at him, her face streaked with tears."Oh Ch-Chris," she managed to get out. "I-I've m-missed you."He smiled and gently kissed her forehead. She pulled his head down and plastered her lips to his, her tongue urgently probing until he surrendered.Some minutes later they broke apart. "You are a very fierce, strong lady," he said."Sorry, Chris, but there was a lot of pent up emotion."She looked. But they offered to get a doctor on the linewho could talk Aaron through the childbirth. A prospect that scared Aaronmore than it did Beth!Fortunately for them their next-door neighbor, Jason had a Ford F 150 withfour-wheel drive with and an extended cab. They were able to get Beth intothe back seat and Jason drove them to the hospital in blizzard likeconditions. Even with the 4 wheel drive the drive was not easy. 30 minutesafter arriving at the hospital, Beth gave birth in a snowstorm to. " Whatever you want Jason." Susan then hung up the phone and headed to her bathroom. She needed to bathe and get rid of the patch of pussy fur that remained on her pubic mound.Precisely at four-thirty PM, a very sexy cheerleader was admitted to Dean Malcomb's office. She was wearing a cheerleader's uniform that she had worn when a Junior in high school. It was a bit too small even for Susan's petite body. The pull-over top was very low cut and exposed a great deal of Susan's small tits. As.
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