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“Jenna, have you ever touched a cock?” he asks. All Jenna can do is stammer no as she dreams of feeling what the girl was on the TV. Jake stands ...p and walks over to Jenna, His cock bobs in front of her face… she looks at how big it is… the starts to put out her hand but stops and looks at Jake as if asking for permission. Jake nods and she begins to feel his meat. She gentle touches it; she feels its heat and wonders how it would feel deep inside of her, pumping her like she guy on the TV.. What taboo, you ask? That is for you to define. I will not give away all of my secrets just yet. After all, this is just a peek in the shadows of my mind. I still remember the first time he really came into the light of my soul.Yes, the forbidden fruit tempts all of us, but this tale will be for you to figure out to which forbidden fruit I refer. Yes, there is more than one. One is obvious; the other is hiding in the shadows, just peeking out. If you know my desires and me, and if you have read. .. Is this ALL I'LL HAVE ON?" Yes."If I understood there rules correctly it was that if you protested or refused to obey you could either get your forfeit doubled or the winner could spank the looser. During all the years I had never heard any of them refuse or protest."Are you objecting?" my wife asked sweetly."N-no-o, it's just... Oh what the hell!"A short while later I heard her approach and instinctively I looked up and my heart almost stopped beating! My sister stood in the door almost. Suddenly the action of the tentacles pulling around my cock felt even more amazing. I pressed the left tit again. Fuck, they tightened, practically doubling in pressure. It was gripping my cock in a vice-like grip and was using its suckers to slide up and down my cock at the same time. I watched, mesmerised. At the speed it was going my finger was not going to have the desired effect and, to be honest, I was completely taken in by its action.I swallowed hard and let out the command harder..
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