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I recognise that Yvonne has issues," Hope said towelling off her hair and shrugging. "Those issues have influenced how she's behaved, so I'm trying her past it. Anyway, you seem to be getting on with her." Well, she and I have more in common than she does with you — or Marcus." Perhaps," Hope smiled. "But Marcus and I both think a lot of you, so if you've got that much in common..."Shawna's face tensed slightly, and Hope threw her towel over the back of the nearest chair as she stepped. After the puja, some elders said they will be visiting another temple. Ashu and I said, “We are tired and we will go back to the house.” Meanwhile, Manu also said even he feels tired so he will come with us. Elders said, “Ok,” and left us.We then returned to the house, Manu turned on the TV and started watching it. In the meantime, my cousin sister and I said we will go sleep but all the room doors were locked except Ashu’s room on the second floor.I went with her to the room and she asked me. I glanced into the den and stopped. My twin sister Maddux was on the couch and she was cuddled up with a guy! When he spotted me, he straightened up and pulled away from Maddux. The guy was John Miles. He was in my American history class. Maddux looked at me then curled back up with him."It's just my brother," she said."Hi," John nervously said."Relax," encouraged Maddux to her friend."Hi," I replied.I raided the kitchen. It was only a couple of hours until dinner but I couldn't last that long.. My lunch hour for Monday was committed to switching banks. I'd pulled Larry out of a class to go with me."What good things?" I said."My mom started to go to AA meetings again. She's been sober since the night of the party when Tiny hit me. I told her what had happened, what I did, what you did, and how you and Ms. Clark are helping me go to the community college. 'If good people like that will help you, I'll help, too, ' she said. I'm not saying this dry spell will last, Coach, but I sense.
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