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She slid off her heels and then walked over to my desk she said she wanted to take a break and talk a bit, as we were talking i noticed she kept playi...g with her chest, enough for me to notice she wasn’t wearing a bra or had taken it off. I responded by casually playing with my cock though my pants, now we were on the same page, she reached down and started to rub my cock though my pants. I slid my hands inside her top and started to pinch and rub her soft nipples that grew hard in my hands as. And as long as you stay here and stay married to my bitch you have to worry about your father's political career too.Rumor has it your father is planning to run for Governor. Those movies would probably embarrass the hell out of him too."Nathan paused and watched Dennis. Then he sat back and said, "Hey, cunt! Get your ass over here."I was terrified and I desperately wanted to refuse. I didn't know what he had in mind but I knew it was going to be awful.I obeyed though. I rolled over and got up. And another. By the time my eyes fluttered open, my racing heart had slowed. I was now convinced I was doing the right thing. But all that willingness and determination faded as soon as I noticed a major change in my surroundings. My shoulders slumped and despair washed over me when I found Spots with a raging hard-on. Not only was every last inch of his crimson member now available for viewing, but it was also hard as rock. And huge. I was stunned by how massive it wasat least by Dalmatian. It was not the biggest Planet-Cracker class ship in the CEC fleet, but it was one of the fastest. Relatively freshly built, as far as massive industrial ships go, the USG Henkan had just finished up cracking a planet and was currently en route to the planet Hailol, where the crew would receive a good six-month station rest. It was incredibly needed, as the crew had been space-bound for over 2 years, cracking planets left and right in the Milkyway.Watching him from the darkness, a small creature.
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