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My second set of the night finished and I went backstage to freshen up before trolling the club until my third and final set. I noticed all the other ...irls around two guys who were throwing money around like it was nothing. One of my regulars was in a booth in the corner so I approached him with a smile."Fancy seeing you here on a Tuesday night, Phil," I said huskily, my blood still a bit hot from dancing for an oblivious Angus.He smiled. Phil was handsome in a mortal sort of way. Where Angus. We were kissing when i just picked he up and went to the bed and laid there on top of her……..Btw she was wearing lingerie not so sexy but enough to make anyone hard…..so we continued kissing on the bed and i started to open the strings of her lingerie and i untied them and took it off as i was just out of shower i was wearing a west and ¾ pants so she took them off and we were just kissing when she said “wait let me just put my girls in front of tv and close the door” so she dressed up again. I handed her the glass of water and the towel. Amber put down the glass on the floor and reached around my leg to hug it with a death grip. She kissed my knee, ?Thank you so much John, I mean Sir,? she said with a shake in her voice. ?So intense, how did you know? I loved it. I am so embarrassed but turned on?. ? I touched her hair and told her to stay there until she finished the water. I had some things to do and left. It was mostly to watch her on my security tape and make sure the scene. "We used drive-through at the burger joint last night. The order menu has a camera and a microphone that sends the conversation to a regional or national call center. That center sends the order and a picture of my face back to the restaurant. Probably caught your face in digital as well. If someone wants to find us, they can hack into these systems and scan the faces. Who secures burger orders? The cholesterol police?"Kristy giggled at my sarcasm, which took me aback. I don't remember anyone.
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