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"Arlene sat up, Little One now resting on her shoulder, but the look of confusion continued. "I'm fine? But ... I thought ... I mean..."Diana and Jeff...helped their daughter out of the chamber, sitting her on a seat that resembled a toadstool, that suddenly grew a back as she relaxed onto it. "But, he shot me. I died ... didn't I? There was this beautiful bright tunnel I was walking through, and there was something I was walking toward, but I can't seem to remember just what it was. But then. She was open and accepting of her gender so I needed to be as well. The sex was versatile and great and she hadn’t been on hormones for a long time.She had this routine for tucking her jewels when she was dressed up that I thought was so odd but I really liked her and just accepted it as part of living as a transgender. She had a thin elastic band that she wore around her waist under her panties that had a shorter piece of rubber tubing kinda like the stuff the doctor wraps around your arm when. The waves of sharp pain he was causing as he drove into me knocked what little breath I had out.“What do you want, baby slut?”“Daddy, I’ve been a bad girl! Please stretch my dirty little ass out, hurt it bad and make me bleed!” I gasped, barely able to breathe. The pain was fast becoming rolling cramps, tearing through my little ass. I wanted nothing more then for this to end before I lost my mind, but Daddy was still slowly fucking, with no sign of stopping. “I’m all the way up in your. I started badly missing the wild sexual stuff Praveen has shown me. I sometimes thought of messaging the boys who had proposed to me during my college days. But I never dared to cheat my loving husband.I controlled my sexual hunger and was satisfied by hot video calls with Praveen. As days passed, I felt that Praveen’s interest in me dwindled, and he started to get busy. I started watching porn and self-pleasured myself.One day I came across ISS and read a sex story. I loved the eroticism in.
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