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I see humor behind them and mischief and power and desire, and I’m lost. Dammit. How can I be lost to someone I don’t know? All I know, is I’d f...llow him anywhere right now, so when he grabs my elbow and leads the way, I go compliantly. We walk down the hallway away from the noise of the party to a door at the end on the side. He opens it, and I see a staircase leading down. I look at him, questioning him with my eyes but he just nods his head and guides me to the stairs. My brain is screaming. She worked swiftly as she finished unhinging my belt buckle, letting it swing around freely while it made that annoying jingling noise, and before I knew it she was pulling down my pants, leaving them carelessly wrapped around my knees. Kim looked up at me as she pulled my underwear down next and she took my fully erect circumcised cock in her soft pink hand, holding it with a light grip while she gave it a few pumps.Kim looked at my cock as she aimed it to her mouth and she wrapped her lips. Nathalie walked out in her shimmering quinceañera gown with her rhinestones. It had crystal beadings with contrasting embroidery on a voluminous layered tulle skirt. And it was an off-the-shoulder dress. The neckline plunged down into short sleeves and an overlapping smocked bodice. A fitted waist tops a twirly skater skirt with Aggustin led his only daughter out.They waltzed to ‘Halo' by Beyonce.The entire night went well.Agustin walked up to Braxton.“You made it happen! I like that,” Agustin. Kevin’s cock was soft and, well to put it simply, quiet small, the girls started to laugh at Kevin’s limp cock. Then Kim shouted, Caroline, you think that’s impressive, is it bigger than your boyfriend, knowing she didn’t have a boyfriend, have you ever touched a cock, I’m told they get bigger if you stroke them, go on I dare you. While this was going on most of the girls had taken it in turns to take photos or videos of Kevin laid naked on the floor, the humiliation was complete. But just as I.
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