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"Can I take mine off too?" asked Margaret, starting to disrobe before I had a chance to answer.Her 13 year old body, 5'4" and about 9 stones with hair...that I can only describe as 'mousey' and breasts which had not too long ago, begun to fill out to a 32", quickly came onto view - a white plain bra under the blouse, and a pair of traditional blue knickers under her skirt.Shakily, I picked up the discarded clothes, taking them to the bathroom and hanging them carefully over the pulley.They were. ” I said, handing Brad my phone and leaning over to watch how he did it.I already knew how to do it of course.As he was trying to figure out the menu, I put my hand on his knee under the table. He jumped, but didn't say anything.I starting sliding my hand up his thigh but only made it about half way up.“OK... here you go.” Brad said, handing me the phone back.What a dumb-ass.“Wait... show me how you did that!” I asked, moving my hand faster and slipping it under his shorts.“I... I... press.... I studied the smooth tanned skinof her inner thighs and the white crease lines in hergroin. I observed the soft and shiny black curly hair ofher pubis. I could see where she had depilated herbikini line, and where the new growth was just beginningto appear. I wanted to kiss, to suck and to taste everylittle bit of her but Carl was already sliding back intoher depths. His actions were somewhat slow and deliberate and I feltthat he was putting on a show for me, a live sex showwith my wife as his. “I knew it. You were looking down my blouse weren’t you Tim? Earlier on when I was checking your ankle? I’m flattered to be honest.” I blushed even harder and murmured “I’m sorry… you’re just so hot! I couldn’t help myself.”Suddenly she stood up and walked to her desk, opening the flap which allowed her to talk to the staff. “Dorothy, I’m going to need another 15 minutes, there’s some complications with this patient, privacy required.” She glided back to me and whispered “I never knew you liked.
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