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As I got home I didn't think anyone was home because the house was dark. I knew my wife was still out and I didn't see any light coming from my daught...r's room. Having a bit of a buzz and not really wanting to stop right then to shower I decided to grab another beer and head to the office and kill a little time on the computer. I got to the office and noticed a small reading lamp was on, but that still seemed to be the only light on in the house and I concluded that I probably left that on the. ’ I leaned forward as Donna began in a whisper. This was very hard for her. ‘I know that Stuart turned you down for a job in the factory…but I was wondering if maybe there was a position for me instead?’ I was surprised for a moment. But this was Donna, not my brood. ‘Donna, this is sudden. I thought that Stu and you decided that my business was of no interest to you?’ Donna choked down a sob. ‘Dad… I only found out after Stuart refused your offer. I… we’ve had some very intense discussions. Jed climbed on to the bed and manoevered himself so that he was kneeling with his kness either side of Kates head facing me at the foot of the bed. He moved into a position so he could get his cock to Kate`s mouth while lying down over her body with his face between her legs. Using a hand to help guide it he placed his cock head between Kates lips and told her to gently lick and suck around the head of his circumcised tool. As she started doing this I could immediately see the look of immense. Call mewhen you're on your way back ok?" I will. Promise."The lined clicked dead.She pulled out the satellite phone and quickly dialed one of the numbersshe had memorized."We have a problem." And that is," the voice responded, perturbed."Someone seems to have dealt with the girl's father. I thought wediscussed not upsetting the status quo. Why was this done."There was silence on the other line."Let me get back to you," the voice said, ending the call.Kristina sat at her desk trying to think.
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