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My friends asked me to meet them at the local watering hole and I said yes. I had been lonely and bored. I sat at the bar and ordered a Tom Collins wh...le I waited. I was dressed conservatively in the skirt and modest cardigan I had worn to work. I crossed my legs and swung my high heeled pump nervously. I barely noticed a man sit down next to me. I drew shapes with my finger in the condensation from my glass and pretended to be relaxed. Where was everybody? The man next to me made a comment. He had come in late to the soiree hosted by Lady Cuthbert. Besides he was a mere miser… yet. He had not been announced. Indeed Lady Cuthbert had extended the invitation to him just by virtue of his relation with the Marquess of Bellingham. Mark shifted his attention to the lady laughing… the sound like small bells jingling at Christmas. The sound still called out to him, just like all those years ago. He was still captivated by the sound of it, just like all those other fops dancing attention. She had seen My illicit pornography collection where women were given what they fucking deserved, whipped, hurt and fucked at will. And she fucking knew what she was getting in for. Some Men have a sort of Madonna complex with Their wives and I confess this was probably the reason I had not seen it before in her. There were clues there that, when I might pick a bitch up in a bar or in a casual encounter, I could see clear as day. But I suppose I just couldn’t allow Myself to see them with. What symptoms? I ask. Let me just examine your lower half and I will be able to tell you everything He responds calmly with a smile. I stand up and unzip my jeans pulling them down over my hips and letting them fall to the ground. I then remove my panties, revealing my shaved pussy. Wearing nothing but my bra, I awkwardly reposition myself on the bed. Dr. Adams shamelessly ogles my body and I blush profusely. There was a sinister air to those glaring eyes. I really think I should stop this.
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