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I was back in my hometown which was a ninety-minute flight from my university. Just close enough to visit but far enough away to give me space to grow...and gain independence.I caught the bus into town which would pass two streets from my house, and as I settled back into my seat, I felt myself relax as all the familiar sights of my childhood passed by.I hopped off outside Grimaldi’s bakery, hefted my bag, and with a quick wave to old Mrs. Grimaldi, I headed home. I caught myself smiling as I. Then thought to go to my flat and fresh and go but I was late so I directly when to address given by nandu and rang the door bell after few minutes one man came and opened the door then I asked him is this ravis house he said and I told him about myself then he welcome me inside and told me to site in hall. Then we where talking then asked about tina and nandu he said they are on the way and reach here by 10mins. By saying this he went inside kitchen and brought cool drink and gave me.Meanwhile. The land was heavily forested except where it had been cleared by the Bronson for their cities or farming so lumber would not be either. Few people still used any lumber for anything. Many of the trees rose to well over 100 feet. The city was large and modern, even by Earth standards, with tall buildings of what looked like glass and chrome. There were many parks and small lakes. It was a very attractive place. The Bronson had space ships but were not yet able to go outside of their home. Its just natural juices that have no place to go except my inner thighs. His rough fumbling fingertips are stirring arousal though. They feel so nice. I laugh and tuck my hands under my head. ‘Wouldn’t that make your job easier.’ He dips his head closer and plants a kiss between my breasts. ‘Oh, it’s not a job. Wholly my pleasure.’ His hand is still stroking the hood of my clitoris and my inner lips. Wet I might be but his touch still feels rough and friction laden. I don’t mind though, the.
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