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I responded to the pressure of her hands and rocked back and forth. After a few minutes, I put my hands on her shoulders and stepped a little closer. ...ur bodies touched as we used dancing as an excuse to get as physically close as possible. No one noticed since the place was so crowded, and likely no one cared. This club was gay-friendly, so two women or two men getting close didn’t draw much attention. Lia kept her eyes on mine as she danced. I relaxed as the alcohol started having its effect. "I only met one of the men, a guy named Beckwith. He lives in Ardmore, and I meet him at his house on the north side of town once a month. In fact, I'm 'sposed ta meet him in 5 days. I wuz gittin ready ta leave fer the meetin' when y'all showed up."Further questioning produced a description of Beckwith; sure enough, he was one of the men at the bosses' meeting that Caleb attended the day Higgins was shot. They now knew who he was and where to find him, so that part was settled. In the process. He wiped his eyes and shook his head, "my litter mate said you looked like us."I smiled, "or you look like us."He grinned and took a deep breath before glancing at the door, "I need to warn you my daughter is in season."He looked at me as if weighting me and I nodded. He smiled, "if she attacks breed her."Care hissed and he looked at her before looking at me again, "she does not like the idea of moving."He turned to the door and started opening it. I followed with Care and the realtor behind. We said our goodbyes, and our repeated thank-yous, to the Spencer clan and flew back to Raleigh-Durham on the 22nd. Tess' father met the plane and drove the women back to Chapel Hill. I caught a cab to my own family's house -- bearing gifts.My plan was to spend the next couple of days with my parents and two young sisters, including Christmas Eve, and then to head over to Henderson Manor for Christmas Day. I would then spend the week between holidays with Tess and her family.And Kim.Sitting in.
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