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Chapter II: Trip to ItalyI grabbed the two plane tickets Damon had gotten us, a few bags of blood and was on my way out to the car.See me and Damon, w... are not human. Of course, you guys have figured out that part. We are Vampires. When I was a new born, I embraced my vampirism as a gift, while Damon cursed his nature and had a furied heart over it. It was because of our mutual love for Katherine, who had been manipulating both of us using compulsion, another Power us Vampires own. As the years. . and if that doesn’t help?” Chan dares to mutter out.“Then we will die for the cause,” Chou says with a smile. “Our sacrifice will aid in our conquest.” Chou releases his grip on the man. Chan drops into a heap at his feet. “Tell the men to finish up.”Doug is impressed with the display of police when they pull into the operation that has been set up outside the power plant. SWAT is deployed and awaiting orders while a SWAT helicopter hovers overhead at a distance with its search light gleaming. Meine kleinen Schamlippen lassen die Hauptkerze zwar verloeschen, doch das zum Preis massiver Verbrennungen an den schmerzempfindlichen Schleimhaeuten. Ich zucke quiekend zurueck, das ist mir denn doch zuviel, aber bevor ich mir recht klar geworden bin das ich gerade dabei bin eine Spielregel zu verletzen, rettet mich einer der Meister. Er gibt mir eine kraeftige Ohrfeige und waehrend ich verdutzt im Schreien innehalte, greift er brutal nach meinen Nippeln dreht sie um 90? herum und reisst mich. I went a half day with out my collar and it destroyed me,made me fill empty, missing something, fill lost, confussed and alone. No easy to go throw. I enjoy My collar of my master and my dom makes me feel complete and whole.I can not go one day with out being under my master or dom control. My emotions got the best of me when i didnt have my collar. Like i said made me feel lost and something is missing. As my master told me to go to my bed room and told me to get my collar i did and I put it.
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