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She seemed to be healthy; her soft, creamy flesh undamaged. Finally managing to sit up, she gazed at her trio of lovers and smiled at them.“God, tha... was good!” she said, her voice sounding young and refreshed. “I guess I’m pure phoenix, now. I have to die to regenerate.”She rose gracefully and walked over to drop down on her knees in front of Mac.“My darling Macario,” she whispered sweetly into his face. “You gave me such an exquisite death. That was the best I have ever died, and I have died. Hopefully your sponsor is smart and wants a happy pod, as they'll consult with you and not make you do anything too outrageous, but basically nothing in the Kama Sutra is too outrageous to be done publicly. As far as your marriages go: they're over. You are no longer married. You are owned. Where the wife is the concubine and the husband is the sponsor, he can kick you to the curb. If you want to stay with your husband, you do exactly what he wants and help your sister-concubines to adapt. If. I remember my first masturbation well. It was during a hot summer evening 5 years ago when I was 15. All the family was outside in garden of our bungalow enjoying cool breezes of winds after dinner. I however had gone inside to use the toilet. Once I had locked the door and used the toilet, I was about to go back to the garden. when I noticed the laundry hamper was full. So I started to search through it and I found some of my mom’s dirty clothing, and then the best sight I had ever seen until. He called me by the dirtiest names you could imagine and threatened to make me pregnant. He threatened to seed me and own me and make me his woman right there and then. I came straight away I just exploded all over my basque and stockings as he told me he was denying his wife this load and that it would be mine instead. He warned me that he would one day seed me fully and own me and I cried with the dreadful pleasure of it all. One day he would seed me and plug me and leave me on the bed tied.
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