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His face was buried into my neck as we stopped, panting and gasping for air. I couldn't tell what he was thinking, but the sound of his heavy breathin... in my ear was a real turn on. "You don't have to go anytime soon, do you?" he said, his voice deeper than usual. I turned my face to him, going to answer, when he moved his head too. Our faces were so close together my eyelids were forced shut, and I could feel his lips trace across my cheek. I sighed involuntary, and his lips met mine. He. He was as happy as he'd ever been. Not everyone had had a fantasy come true - especially an erotic one. His mind flashed back to Thanksgiving break when he saw Greg in his boxer shorts at the kitchen table.Kevin grew hard thinking about having sex with his brother. He usually didn't masturbate in the afternoon but this was a special occasion. He got naked and laid on his bed with his fully hard cock in his hand. He closed his eyes and thought about passionately kissing Greg. He imagined kissing. Mentioning some of our chats after we were comfortable. She used to tell me how she lost her virginity to her ex, her fantasies and all. She made me irresistible, telling me she had undergone full body wax for our planned trip to Rishikesh.So, listening to this without wasting more time, I picked her up the same evening. We went to the destination and booked the hotel as she wanted it to be. Being there at 6 in the evening, we strolled in the market, enjoying the local beauty of the place.Time. It was out in the boonies but that was fine. It wasn’t much to look at, most of its decor had been killed not too recently and hung on the wall. We each had our own rooms even each of the couples had split, though adjoining rooms. There was a public pool, with a connected hot tub there were a few communal rooms.Late one night I headed out to the hot tub a pair of swim trunks on, planning to relax, suddenly I hear the door swing open and then slam shut and locking me inside this indoor pool.
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