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. Next day morning she called me and told that she is married and told about her family problems, acted like very sad, but I knew it and I just want t... fuck her nothing else was in my mind.It continued for two week and one fine daily I asked can we go out, she told that this week I have exams once completed let me tell you. And she was messaging in the night and I made her very close, so I waited for a week and again asked her if exams completed, she told yes today was last, so next I asked her. I could feel his cock in the middle of my chest. My practice payed off. I went up and down on him for a bit, eyes watering, nose running, no choking or gagging to speak of, I was a cock sucker. I was good at it. He was so wet at slippery I took a break and started stroking that cock with my hand. I squeezed it tight and jerked him off. He was so worked up I finished him off just like that, stroking it out of him with my hand. He shot a strong load all over himself. I grabbed him a towel and. Arther. Thank you for your help." Garner cut in, her non-expression face back on."Let?s go Mr. Richard, or shall I say Miss Ann?" She grinned broadly, took Patrick by his arm and left the dormitory. I heard their heels clicking all the way down the hall.For the next hour I tried to work, but I could not. My thoughts were busy with Patrick. The picture of the girl he had become was always present. I gave up working. I showered, dressed, and went down to the hall to help other students with. Me too.” He said “Give me a shout when you are ready.” He winked “Back to work then, don’t make me come up to your office and crack my whip!” I laughed and returned to my office sipping my water. Back at my desk I was finding it difficult to concentrate. I was thinking about Luke. His devilish grin and beautiful dark eyes, and of course it wasn’t long before I was thinking about what it would be like to fuck him. This is a regular thought of mine… and it’s always good! As I was thinking this.
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