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I just lay there limply and let themdo it. I was too nervous that if I made a wrong move, the towel could falloff. Mom held the chain that was locked ...o my neck, keeping one hand on myback, perhaps to hold the towel in place, while the boys did the rest ofthe work.Roger tightly wrapped a chain around my wrists and locked them togetherwith a small padlock. Once it was secured, he pulled hard on the chain,causing me to slide up the table towards him. Randy, who was at my otherend, grabbed my. E. going home on Saturdays or holidays. His family was back at his home town.My father told uncle about my transfer and asked for a room on rent for me. Fortunately uncle suggested that he has a single empty room at his home that he can give me and there is no need to take a room on rent, I can stay at his home only as his son was away for studies. My father first refused but after much insistence of uncle he agreed but only on one condition that I will give the room rent and contribution in. ‘Hello?’ he called in a cracked voice that startled him for not sounding like his own. the shadow paused, the brindle terrier in the cave with him barked. Hester gathered himself to call again. ‘He- Hello!’ ‘Who’s in there?’ A woman’s voice returned. Hester took a moment to absorb this shock of femininity. ‘My name is Richard Hester,’ he managed, his voice dry and painful, rasping out of his throat and drawing a bout of coughing with it. ‘Richard Hester… How came you to be living in a cave with. There are a few near the Kasbah." Oh, in a café. Aye, of course. We've been drinking that weird Moroccan tea. Mint tea. It's reet sweet, like." I prefer coffee. Café cassé. Or café au lait." Yeah. I could do with a cuppa, me."They sat outside a café at a table on the pavement. The waiter swivelled the huge parasol so they were both in the shade of the fierce North African sun. Paul seemed ill at ease but insisted on buying the drinks. He struggled with his schoolboy French while the waiter.
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