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I felt my juices sliding down my tightly clenched thighs and a wave of arousal approaching. He kissed and sucked gently on the flesh of my neck. I jum...ed when he moved his hands around to my pussy.“Shit you’re so wet.”“MMmmmm……yes sir.”“You’re my bad little slut aren’t you baby? But you learned your lesson? Did it hurt?”He mocked.“I learned sir.” I said genuinely as he began to slide two of his fingers up and down my soaking slit. “Wow baby.”He whispered amazed by how hard he had made me cum.. " She begged, as she used her hands to work her breasts, sending her passion even higher. With one last smile, he obliged her.Her eyes closed and her mouth opened wide, as she felt the head of his cock pressing against the entrance to her womb. She could feel her spine, and the tingling that was now going through it, shockwave after shockwave.Her first orgasm was achieved as the mere heat from the head of his cock reached her clitoris, sending more chills through her system. Without a hint of. To be cuckolded by the husband of one of the women he had claimed was an insult in itself. So much for him being in charge.The fact that Cara was also in love with Ricky was another. Until he had gotten carried away with being the King of this planet, she had been his girl for five years. To now hear her say that she would rather fuck the Egyptian than him, really hurt.Rupert scrubbed his face. Wondering what the hell had gone wrong for him. He’d had such grand plans for the planet when he. Her lips were tight and I could see a little dew that was soaked up by the extremely thin black silk. “As you can see there wasn’t much hidden from me and I was getting turned on, she kept teasing me and I found out it was on purpose when she was making her order and leaned forward on the counter and pressed her panty covered ass back against me and wiggled it.” As I listened to the story and kept getting more glances at Cynthia’s barely covered pussy, I was getting harder and harder. My.
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