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"Everything else was great, but that... that was incredible" Neil continued, watching her intently. She hadn't come anywhere close to objecting or bec...ming nervous, so he pushed on. "Honestly, I had to go back to my cabin for a bit to cool off."Harriet's eyes narrowed. "Cool off?" Yeah, I just pictured you in all your poses... and it really got me worked up, you know?"Harriet shook her head and gave him a raised eyebrow in question.Neil grinned. "Well, since I had no one to help me, I had to. It was because of Lenny. Lenny had shared Richmond with her. Wherever she turned, a memory slipped back in of what she and Lenny had done here or there. What Lenny had said. How he had smiled at her—that ‘forever’ smile. That smile that now seemed so false and curdled her blood—blood that had run hot for Lenny. All too briefly, but all too painful now. Lenny had been her first love. She was told she’d get over it, but she didn’t think that was possible. Her Aunt Marie hadn’t told her to just. As Jordan quickly felt the different feelings from the various contours of Clyda's fist rubbing her pussy walls, she gently began to grind and hump against Clyda's fist. Clyda grabbed Jordan's leg and, began to slowly fuck Jordan's cunt, getting deeper with each thrust, until the widest part of her hand was slapping into the vaginal muscles. Jordan quivered with delight. Damn but this felt good! Jordan began to gently thrust back to the rhythm, getting into the swing of it, and matching. Their clothing was the finest, looted from the most upscale and expensive boutiques and clothiers in occupied territory. They dripped with confiscated jewelry, lounging around their living quarters sometimes wearing millions of dollars worth of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls.But it wasn't only the gifts. They traveled, to different areas of the occupation, raising the morale (and the penises) of the troops like some perverse Bob Hope act from America's past. They were able to.
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