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"I want you, Summer. I want you to fuck daddy."His hands come up to slide under my gown, his fingertips tickle my tummy before searching for my breast.... He loves my breasts, they're his favorite. He cups them in his hands, my DD flesh overfilling them. I gasp as he tweaks my nipples just right, his nails slightly digging into them.I start to grind on his dick, firmly and slowly gaining speed. We both moan at the sensations coursing through us. If I keep doing this I could make us both cum, but. To my amazement, she opened the passenger side door and stepped out, still with only a T-shirt on and bade me to follow. Stunned and in a daze, I opened the drivers side door, stepped out and met her at the front of the truck.She knelt down and took my cock into her mouth and got me harder than I already was, which still amazes me that she can do that. After a few minutes of sucking, she turned around, thrust her ass in the air while holding onto the front of my truck. She looked back and told. "Your mom might, but I don't. There's nothing wrong with it. It doesn't matter if you're married or not. I'll tell you something that your mom would never admit to, but we had sex before we were married." You did?" his daughter asked, looking into his eyes and raising her brows."Sure," he replied. "Your mom and I had sex maybe a dozen times before we got married." I would have never guessed," his daughter said, giving out a low chuckle."Your mom was really sexy, but I'm afraid she's let herself. I don't know. I can't remember his exact words. We flirted." You said he touched you." Yes. I was wearing a sundress, and I let it creep up my legs as we drove. He kept glancing at my legs. Finally he said, 'Slap me if you must, but I just have to feel your legs. They look so soft and smooth.' He put his hand on the inside of my thigh just above my knee." Were you wearing hose?" No, I had taken them off before we left the school. I didn't want to run them while helping him load the pickup.".
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