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..”“They cease their surveillance at night as well. I’m not into watching a prisoner jerk off, or watch whatever Morales and Jasmine do after th...y go to bed. There’s a small AI camouflaged in a tree next to the cave. It handles the camera’s programming and polls them on a daily basis. I’ve recently changed that to twice a day. The portal opens for a millisecond, retrieves the data from the AI and is gone. Even if someone happens to be looking at the exact spot and the light is good, they would. Ishould have just snuck back in through my window."But everyone else is going," I whined."That's nice. You're not," he replied."But they're teaching me how to be a girl. I just want to be able tofit in, and right now I know nothing about being a girl. Don't you wantme to be able to fit in with the other girls?" I could play dirty if hewas going to play hardball."Nura, you'll have plenty of time to learn ... how to be a girl. I justthink you need to take a break from your friends and spend some. Dean joined her, and their fingers entwined."Julia asked me who I was secretly attracted to and I," he hesitated and looked straight ahead. "I said you. And she laughed at me. Said she knew all your dirty little sex secrets and you'd only fuck me if a woman was there. Cause I was an arrogant show off who couldn't please a woman myself." Dean turned to look at her then quickly looked away.Olivia reached over and traced his lip, feeling his warm breath against her skin. She kissed his cheek and. I wasn't sure what this side was, but I didn't see the harm in letting it out.I began doing the laundry more often, for both of us. Before doing a load I would go in to her room, put on a dress, or leggings, or booty shorts, always her panties, and look at myself, feel myself, and make myself cum to the feeling. It would always vanish after, but in the moment it felt right.Things continued in this manner for a few months, until I get hit by a cold. I was still doing the laundry, and taking care.
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