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He shaved his beared and took up jogging and lost weight. At seventy two kilos he was now slim and well proportioned for a man of 190 plus centimetres... He shaved off all of his body hair before he started his new job and kept it shaved so that people would think that his body was naturally hairless. Once he had slimmed down he bought blouses, skirts, women's suits, lingerie, high heels, hosiery, makeup and wigs.Mike was a crossdresser. He's had a penchant for stockings and panties as a. ” I situated myself on the grass, and heard the clicking of my uncle’s camera.“Mmmmm, this is gonna be a good one. Stretch those long legs out in front. Good. Like that. Lean your head back. Got it. OK now sit up. Legs apart but nothing showing yet. Good. Look straight at the camera with those beautiful eyes. So nice.”Once my uncle was ready, we moved over to a large shade tree and he leaned me against its trunk. “OK, go ahead and lift your skirt. Show me that pretty little pussy.” I tried a. . the Craigslist ad is already up."I wondered what he meant by that, but I sure couldn't ask with a mouthful of big hard cock."But first let's get this load out of me," he groaned, as he, for the first time, began bucking his hips as he began to fuck my face... not roughly like in the porn movies... but definitely in a 'I'm going to come soon' sort of way.I kept sucking, wanting... no, needing this load, even though it had only been a couple days since I'd gotten my weekly dose."Oh yeah, here. ..” She reached for her phone and tapped out a message in a flash.“There. I texted your mother to let her know that you are safe and I’m not driving you home until the weather clears.”“You have my mother’s number?”“On speed dial.”“Um ... now what?” She was texting again.“Just letting Rachel and Livy know where we are. I don’t think we’ll be alone all day. But we have a while. Let’s pop in the shower and I’ll get us some breakfast. Now that I remember what sex with a man was like, I’m thinking.
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