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Contemplating his inevitable demise was proving to become a tad boring, Xavier thought. Even that damn woman’s presence would have stave off the bla...k thoughts, but Myra needed a few hours of sleep, too, and he had been the one to insist that she needed to go home and rest, since there was no room for her to sleep in Ayn’s home.His former self would have not cared less if Myra was going to have a stiff back by trying to sleep in the only chair in the room. But that was not him anymore. Lord. As I lay on the seat I heard the sound of high heel shoes clicking on the hard floor coming towards me and I looked up to see a tall white woman with long brown hair. She asked me what my name was and when I told her, she told me She was my escort, her name was Sophie and she would look after me all the way to London. She wiped the tears from my eyes and took my hand. I stood up and noticed she was at least a foot taller then me, she had such long legs. She put her arm round me and guided me to. Once again Deena heard Bev gasping as she pleasured herself: "That's sooo fucking hot..." her friend moaned.Deena pulled Jim's face to hers and they kissed passionately.---After breakfast the three of them went hiking. After about an hour they found a secluded pool fed by a stream. They removed all their clothes and skinny dipped.Seeing both women naked, of course, caused Jim's cock to stand to attention. As he used a submerged stone as a seat both women took turns riding him.After both women. I stood to the side of her and stroked her cheeks then without warning I slapped her pale skin. The crack and the sting came as a shock as I’d never done that to her before. This was the only time she looked up at me. Her face had the look of shock and disbelief. She didn’t say a word as she put her head back down. I softly stroked her reddened cheek. Then I gave her another slap this time on the other side. I kept doing it. She stuck her arse out further as I kept spanking her. She was quiet.
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