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Yes during my trying to fit in I made some poor judgment calls as all young people do. Do I regret my children never, the timing perhaps. Many years a...d many things happen between then and later years… More bad choices….swinging between Christian and who I truly was. Relationships and more children. Most always it came from me trying to fit in …to be normal… I have learned that is just a setting on a washing machine. Damn I miss those….(Yes the washing machine) It was in the 20th century that. The young couple quickly fell into an easy, comfortable banter about friends, school, and the summer. Ty was staying on campus during the summer as he had part-time positions at the Student Union and tutoring in Economics.The two had danced a number of times until Barb convinced Ty to ask Abby. With some reluctance, Abby accepted the offer. It had been years, a lot of years, since she had danced last, but Ty promised to pick slower songs for her. Shyly, she accepted. The first dance was an. “I want you to feel me.”Fuck it, I thought. I released the brake and sank into her in one, long, slow movement. I was home. What struck me most, above the brilliant warmth and tight grip of her pussy, was how wet she felt. I could feel every last soaking sensation.When we weren’t noisily kissing, moaning into each other’s mouths, we stared into each other’s eyes as I gently rocked in and out of her. She held me close, her hands sliding across my back. Donna rolled her hips to meet every thrust,. My sister readily accepted. Saba had been long waiting for this moment to arrive, and not wishing to waste another single minute. She straddled my sister’s face, leaning forward over the edge of the couch. My sister licked Saba s pussy, tasting the juices that flowed freely from it. Her hands moved over Saba s bottom, pulling her closer to her face. Saba s soft moans bounced around the room. My sister, in order to make her friend more happy, darted her tongue deep into Saba s Phuddi, and tasted.
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