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Watching two girls make out like that had always been one of my favorite fantasies but watching two sisters do it was even better. I think it was the ...ncest thing. I only wished that I had a sister to do something with. I do get a glimpse of my mother every now and then though. Never enough though!I watched Dawn and Kelsi going at it for a good five minutes when I finally whispered, “Can I join in?”Dawn rolled her head to look at me and just smiled.Kelsi said, “You’ve got to fuck me this time!. When I woke up, two of my husband’s colleagues were standing over me at looking at my naked body. Both guys were blacks…I smiled and told them if they had got bored from playing golf.Then I noticed that both men were staring at my bare boobs, with my nipples almost hardening. I started to cover up; when Peter said I did not need to do that, because I had very nice boobs…His mate Jackson nodded with his head.Then I could see both guys were not trying to hide the hard bulges in their shorts.. I have always known my b*****r was gay but my parents didn’t. I would catch him surfing gay porn websites all the time and sometimes I would watch him furiously rubbing his huge cock. I would get turned on but I would never wank myself over it, it seemed wrong. There was one time when my b*****r got so horny that, when he thought I was asl**p he started rubbing his cock on my face and in between my lips. I just stayed still I didn’t know what to do, after rubbing it on my face he slipped into. Hoping nobody decides to kick off the shoes... Silence. Silence. i hear nothing at all. I don’t know how long this continues. Again the panic is setting strikes me that i could try speaking, if i dare. “Sir?” i whisper. Still nothing. The panic rises further. “Sir?” Louder. Nothing. i can barely get my breath. There’s a cold breeze coming from somewhere that’s not helping to calm me at all. “SIR??!?”Still no response, but i hear steps. But it sounds more like the click of heels...? i.
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