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.. the desire like a brand within him.. he got up and moved around to the end of the bed.There was... his slave...So blatantly exposed...So exposed...His for the taking...He grabbed Julia’s warm thighs, felt their soft smoothness, then positioned his hard knob to the liquid-worm sex lips. Lips which his other slave, Melissa, had prepared for him.Smiling, Quentin looked down into his wife’s lustful eyes... then thrust deep into Julia’s depths.He felt the girl jerk under him; felt. ‘I thought I’d never see you again.’ ‘Shh….’ He said as he placed a finger over her lips. ‘Come sit with me… There is something I need to tell you.’ Still in shock she followed as he led her back to the branch and startled it so he could face her as she sat down. ‘I wanted to tell you before but… I was afraid…’ He took her ands and looked down. ‘Duo, I…’ She started ‘Shhh, Please. Let me finish…. When I was at war…. I watched as all my friends…. My whole company was…. Was wiped out. I barely. The first experience I had was when I was about 22. At the time my girlfriend lived in Wimbledon and I lived in Maida Vale. As seemed right at the time I used to escort her home on the tube and a train ride. One night I was on my way back to Waterloo and in a compartment on my own ( this was over forty years ago when each compartment was just two bench like seats for about 8 people.)At the very first stop an elderly woman climbed in and seeing that she had a heavy bag I volunteered to put it on. " Will you stay here?" he asked me looking slightly desperate. ?With me??"Yes all right but please no funny business," I replied."There will be none so long as you?re happy playing the part of my sister," he confessed.I thought about it some and it did make good sense to me. I?d used the ruse of playing a woman to escape Sam?s clutches already and if it had worked once before it could work again. The clincher that decided me was that if Sam did track me down then at least I wouldn?t look like.
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