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— Three hours later, Terry had only done three pages of the doujin he was supposed to be working on, and they were crap. Every sex scene he drew loo...ed the same, just with the names and hairstyles changed. Every artist has moments where they suspect that they’re a total hack, but Terry was pretty sure those moments weren’t supposed to last six months. On the other hand, he kept returning to his sketch of Sakura Tanigawa, adding in background and thinking up the story this girl belonged in. She. - You mean… I get the job?- Not yet. There’s still a little something I’d like to discuss with you about it. It’s something that’s going to be part of the job, but I don’t know if you’ll agree to do it.- As long as you don’t ask me to work naked, I don’t think it’s gonna be a problem.- No, I won’t ask you that. But that little something would require that you get naked.- …- You see, I am a lesbian. But I don’t have a lot of friends and I don’t know anybody in the neighbourhood. So… I would like. Both girls had long blonde hair just like their mum and a figure to match, Sally had a trim body, flat stomach with 32b tits, a nice handful, and Mary a little plumper like her mum and her tits were a nice 36b, in fact they were both very fuckable. I started to notice that both the girls would wear skimpy tops and shorts around the house especially when their mum was not at home, or even leaving off bits of clothing and giving me a view of their tits and rear ends. Once I caught Sally coming. I did the same to her. I rubbed her shit all over her ass and stuck my finger deep into her anus. Her shit felt like wet clay. Soft and slightly sticky, but slippery. When I was done, I was so high on sexual excitement that I stuck my entire finger, covered with her shit, into my mouth and licked it clean. She saw me do this, leaned back and kissed me to share the shit in my mouth. I then quickly cleaned her ass with the hose.Now my cock was bursting to ejaculate my sperm inside Reka; so I got.
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