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GRAHAM Time heals all wounds? FELICITY I'd like to think so. ... CUT TO:INT. BARBARA AND MAX'S HOME - DAYBarbara and Max are seated in their living room as before, beinginterviewed. GRAHAM Whose idea was it to stage the "mockumentary"? MAX (To Barbara) I think you came to me with the idea first, didn't . I had a premonition of evil from the very first look at the dismal place now crowded with desperate people all wanting to be out of this place with every fiber of their frightened souls.We had fallen into the habit of speaking only in Arabic and Pashto both of which she seemed to have grasped with childish acuity. I listened to her story and found no need to question her because she chattered away with every detail that I could possibly want to explore in depth. She told me that I spoke very. She is really good at making your dick hard for various times in day. Even though if you have fucked her now and your dick is loose, I can bet that she would move her fingers such that it will again get erect. Now she also speaks dirty language with me. She speaks all the lund, bhos and choot kind of things while we are excited. I am sure you will enjoy this. I have still not told about you as I want us to meet once and then plan out an outing. Let us get casual friends then, we may start with. I can taste that sweet feeling already, that feeling that I live for. I take a deep breath, exhale, and open the trunk. Her dirty blonde hair is wildly messed up, she's clearly exhausted, but continues to thrash around like some sort of spastic monkey. It's so amusing I just stand there for a minute watching her rage around in the trunk, smile on my face. The look in her eyes speaks volumes. It says "I'll kill you", "Don't kill me", and "Oh, please, why are you doing this" She can't readily.
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