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Everything was quiet as I walked into the kitchen. I could see a couple of glasses with ice out where people had obviously been drinking some water or...soft drinks. I was looking around, but couldn't figure out where Carolyn or her dad were. I was getting ready to call out and let Carolyn know I was there when I heard a funny noise coming down one hallway. It sounded like a low moan or groan of excitement! I walked as quietly as I could down the hallway until I was just outside Carolyn's room.. Savita was dressed in a sky blue sari which was like all her other saris transparent. Though she had her breasts perfectly covered with a tight fitted blouse, her flat stomach and curvy waist were naked to the public eye.Back in the bar:The yellow t-shirt guy recalls how the salesman would ask for water as an excuse to get inside the house. He compliments the salesman by saying that it was a smart act.‘yes water was not the only thing I was thirsty for!’ quips the salesman.Savita’s house:‘Maám. Face still a bit read in the cheeks and in the fire light the old flame rekindles. I tell her to get some rest and we will talk in the morning. I am awoken by the screaming of the young child and for a second am confused then I fell Megan laying on my chest I carefully slide out from under her and take sam to the bathroom and check her diaper it being wet I change It I take her back to her mother and cover them up I look at my watch seeing that the time is 10 in the morning I look out side the. . it's okay. There's nothing for you to be sorry for."It was only the soothing tone of her voice that kept my breathing from racing out of control, even though at that moment I felt sure that my heart was going to pound right out of my chest if it beat any harder. She had begun to softly stroke my arm, feeling my tension. I didn't know what to do, lying there as still as I could be; searching for something to say. She broke the silence once more, softly saying, "It's okay, stay right there."I.
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