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" And who is Mason Kovacs?" You've never heard of Mason Kovacs? He owns most of the town. You'd better keep out of his way because he's trouble."Don' just love small town America! I made a note to warn my dad that trouble might be brewing.Looking around the cafeteria, none of the boys looked particularly appealing, including those sitting at their own version of the misfits table."Who's that boy there and what's his story?" I asked, pointing to a cute but skinny, black-haired boy sitting. As we were provided the upper berth. And because we were of opposite gender. The incharge asked her if she is not comfortable then she could shift to another berth but she refused. And then we decided to sleep in the manner as not facing each other’s face and slept like my face was at the feet of hers and vice Versa. After I guess 30 minutes she woke up and came and slept facing me.On this I asked what happened to which she replied that she is not feeling sleepy and we bagan to chat about blah. I think that you must graciously and affectionately accept his sacrifice, if it really is that, to give him the pleasure of serving you.’ ‘I understand all of that, but I feel guilty. Nonetheless, I’ll just have to accept it and give him the love and affection he deserves.’ She smiled and continued, ‘I wonder how many wives go to their husbands for advice on dealing with their lovers. Not many, I suspect! It’s hard to believe how things, and I, have changed since I came into the house, really. “Eight years. My goodness, I was 59. Can you imagine people that age carrying on the way we were?”She was quiet, again. I thought maybe it might be best to just let the conversation die, that it might just bring back memories she would just as soon leave behind. But, her face changed into an odd mix of emotions. Her entire face turned into a smile, her eyes bright and shiny, but tears also formed in them, occasionally spilling over, dropping to her high, prominent cheekbones and trickling down.
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