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I looked back at him as he kept staring at me and then back at Carmen who saw him make a slight gesture towards me. Looking at me Carmen said, "You suck and fuck him?" she asked me. I looked him over and saw him lower his hand over his crotch and then back at Carmen, "I wouldn't mind" I replied "If it's okay with you" I added. "Go for it" she said and I turned towards the man, lifted my glass in a small salute as I ran my tongue over my lips. I watched as he now motioned with his head. She was all wet and her hair was now plastered unevenly around her face. Her big tits were pressed by the fabric into a massive cleavage into which water from the shower streaming down her face and hair flowed. Her nipples were erect and seemed to want to tear the cloth. The thin shoulder straps were fighting to hold on to the weight of boobs, which were trying to break free. I walked on behind her pushed my crotch into her butt put my hands on the cloth over her breast squeezing them tightly. Luanne closed her eyes and shook her head. "I have a lot of work to do with you."Luanne went into the bag and pulled out a large strap on and put it on. She moved over to Peggy and put her hands on her shoulders. "Now your going to pretend I'm Hank and I'm going to give you pointers. First of all a guys penis isn't in the air it's here." she said as she forced Peggy to her knees putting her face to face with the strap on. "Now next off, you never go straight to sucking you have to warm a guy up. He stepped quietly to the gap at the door's edge, Linda sat at her dresser, she was naked. She was brushing her hair, then she put on a shower cap. As she stood Donny saw her body briefly in the refection of the mirror, Linda then turned away, and he lost sight of her. Quickly he stepped back into the bathroom, closed the door, then opened it again. Linda stepped out of her room just as Donny left the bathroom, she was fastening the belt around her housecoat as Donny told her it was all fixed,.
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