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.. mmmm, licking my pussy,” Jo said.John leant over to turn on the light but it didn’t work. He could see that the clock wasn’t working either.�...�Damn,’ he thought. ‘Of all times to have a power cut,’He felt his hand being squeezed and turned to see Jo arching her back and moaning into her pillow.Removing his boxers, John knelt on the bed next to Jo and watched her body react to the sexual attention it was receiving from her ghostly lover. Stroking his already rock hard cock, John saw how his. I was already on the edge due to Shelby’s wonderful eagerness, her vigorous hip movements on every stroke, craving yet more of me.Pregnancy had made her one horny slut, and I loved that for sure. It was just part of the reverse gang-bang that the ladies set up for me, one where every lady of my harem, cisgender and trans, fourteen years old and well past forty, all took delight in riding me in turns. It was clear to me that this was a way of proving to me ... and to everyone else still in doubt. I jacked-off whenever I had the chance, used whatever I could find to ‘ride’ long enough to get myself off; we hadn’t acquired the Shetland stallion yet and my first K9 encounter was a few months away. I was also just about 3 weeks away from getting caught having sex with a very good friend; that would get me one of the worst bare-bottomed paddlings of my life!My uncle took his time with me. We played and talked more as we relaxed, he got me into a position where we could do some hugging while. Lynn laughed and said, "Oh no, you eat. You'll need your strength for what I have in store for you later."She moved over to sit next to Jamie on the bed so they could enjoy their breakfast together."So, what DO you have in store for me today, gorgeous?" he asked."Well, let's see. I figured once we've finished breakfast we can work off the calories in bed. Then we can get in the shower and work off some more, and after that we'll see what we feel like doing," Lynn said."Hmm, I can live with.
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