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Haan to mein bina bore kiye jaldi se apni story shuru karta hu ye story hai year 2007 ki jab mein kuwara tha mera kapdo ka wholesale buisness hai jisk... karan mujhe travelling karni padti hai state to state ek din mujhe urgent kuch wajah se dehi laana pada aur mein train se nikal pada mere paas confirm ticket nahi hone ki wajah se mujhe 2nd class mein baithna pada ahemda bad tak to mein tte se setting karli aur raat nikal li par aagey mujhe second class mein safar karna pada aur jaise hi meri. I’m trying to cut down but I’ve been fuckin’ drinkin’ and it slips out. Shit, sorry, there I go again.”“Where’s that you’re from? And don’t worry, I’ve said some of those words myself.”“I’m sorry, you’re just so proper and all. I was in the Marines. And you try to be one of the guys, ya know? And the guys swear. All the fuckin’ time.”“Is that where you got the limp?”She huffed and sat quietly for a few moments. “Yeah, I got a splinter when I was in the Marines.”Properly rebuked, I. )))========> GIRL FUNI assumed it was either my mom or my dad who was shaking my shoulder."Alright, alright, I'm up already!Opening my eyes I saw rubbery translucent tail fin of some great bigfish about an inch from my nose. I startled---WTF?!??!!?---and tried topush this weird thing that seriously did not belong here out of my bed.Which I felt. Not just with my fingertips but with my tail.'Oh, that's right,' I remembered, 'I have one of these now...'And along with it I had this new life, which. Our fingers slightly brushed. I felt a jolt of electricity pass through me. I started sweating, and my full body was covered in sweat.I quickly moved away from him and turned to face him. My shirt was just sticking to my body because of sweating, making my boobs even more obvious. His eyes roamed from my lips to my boobs to my pussy. It was as if he was eye-fucking me again and again.I felt naked and tightly pressed both my arms against my boobs when my fourth button broke from my shirt flew.
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