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Now, instead of playing on the field, I find myself more suitable to be a cheerleader for my college team. I am now and forever a petite 5 foot 2, 98 ...ound 16 year old girl. At least I was able to continue my education at NYU. I may be younger, but at least I can still drive a car and take care of myself. Of course, I first had to prove my new identity to the courts and officially rename myself with my sister's name. We agreed to switch names and most personal effects as the easiest course of. I also ordered a strawberries and a bottle of champagne although I selected a lower price bottle.The masseur arrived first, He offered oil or powder and I chose oil and he spread a large sheet over the bed. I had a hotel gown on and nothing else so I took a towel from the bathroom. I dropped the robe l at the sifde of the bed and lay face down, modestly draping the towel over my bottom.He was a genuine masseur and rubbed and kneaded my muscles in a most delightful way. We chatted as he worked. Now we come to Tracy the sweet young tight arsed blond with perky tits(this could be imagination or fantasy you decide). I came in from the local working mans club after playing snooker one Friday evening about 11-00pm, Paul says he and Judy are going to a party at Joes house and I am welcome to join them, while Pauls loading some booze in to bags in the kitchen Judy trys to get me to go by saying we could get Paul drunk and have some fun later which is the last risk I want to take. and can. She was almost fainting from the sensations. I was jacking off and the cock ring was doing its job. It was keeping me hard as stone and I was so ready to cum but I waited and waited. I wanted to shoot my cum into my baby's pussy when she had cum enough for awhile. After about ten minutes of cumming she was moaning and whimpering with ecstasy. Finally I could not wait. I had watched long enough and wanted some of that cunt for myself. "Amy, I have to fuck you now, babe. Please, babe, let me fuck.
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