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She had used the towel that she had been given to cover herself, to discretely grab his hand and dry his finger as he pulled it out of her pussy. Jole... feared that someone might see his finger glistening in the lighting and deduced what the man had done. Prior to that, the last time she had engaged in any sexual contact had been that jerk of a producer six years earlier. After that, she had made a promise to herself to keep her legs closed while she focussed on her career. The men she worked. What had I gotten myself? I had a feeling itwasn't going to be manly.My hands reached out and scooped up the package. I laid it in my lap andgently unsealed it.I cooed unnaturally as I slid out the contents. I read the receipt, itwas a lace garter slip and a pair of matching cheeky panties, both in adark blue.I held the slip up. It was sexy as hell. Satin and lace adorned it andit looked like it would squeeze the life out of my curves. The bra cupson top where of course padded.I squealed and. I have told her in advance that my parents would never let me marry the girl I choose. They would do that for me like most of the stubborn desi parents.So, when she told me that she wanted to marry me (seriously?), I backed off. So, I had stopped to worry about her anymore. Hope, she is doing fine with her husband now.Now, let’s get to what I wanted to share.Since I had developed this phobia toward commitments, I found it very hard to find a girl. The girls who would like to have one night. ?Thanks for the nice fuck, it was certainly the best. We are taking some of your foods, but don?t worry, we have left enough for you and you?ll not starve.?Then he turned and winked at me.?Thank you son, for the nice show. Your mom is the best cunt in the world, don?t ever let her go.? Then he opened the door and was gone, his younger partner following him silently.There was pin drop silence inside the room. Neither mom nor i said a word. We were slowly coming back to our senses. Whatever,.
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