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"Lay it down clean for the rakers," he said. "Lay it down straight."I found a long handled tool that fit my height, worked on the blade for a bit, spi... in my palms and got to work. Soon I was back into the rhythm of step and swing, step and swing, my spine bent, my mind turned off and concentrating on keeping the curved blade level. Within a hour my back and arm muscles had gone on past their knotting pain and sweat was lubricating my efforts. When I stopped at a fence and looked back, I was. I then headed into the kitchen and fixed myself breakfast. After ahearty meal of eggs and fruit, I then went back into the living quartersto search for any clues that would reveal who Simone Clark was. Afterabout an hour, I discovered a tan metal box that contained a driver'slicense in her name, a passport, a birth certificate, as well as a formDD214, which stated that Simone Clark served in the United States AirForce from 1988 to 1993, and was honorably discharged. So, there is thefirst lie,. You never want to kiss with love, talk with love, witness love. You never want love unless, it's that one person you love. That's the only thing that matters. Love had a horrible reputation, it's either make it or ******* break it. Not take it.When you're hurt by someone who can't feel pain, you wish you never fell in love. Never in lust, never started talking, never meeting. You wish you could erase their smell so you wouldn't ever have to think about why you remember it so well. You wish you. They were going down smooth and the movie was entertaining. By the time the movie ended, I had a healthy buzz and the demons were whispering louder in my ear. The back of my neck felt hot as I spoke. ‘You know Ron, I’ve got something in the back of the trailer that I’ve never shown anyone before. I think you might appreciate it though. If you can keep a secret.’ ‘If it’s something i*****l,’ Ron said as he crunched a piece of ice, ‘I don’t want to know anything about it.’ ‘Nothing i*****l,’ I.
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