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The teacher had this thing on first day – we got paired with people having the same birthday month. Priyanshi and I got paired, I was cool with this... Now we had to know each other and introduce to the whole class. I enjoyed this thing. We shared common interests and she was really nice to talk to- I did like her as a person too. So eventually we had a lot to talk about. When the english period ended, she invited me to sit with her- I accepted this without any hesitation and we had a pretty good. She stepped on her tiptoes for some reason, forcing her tongue into my mouth, exploring me. I felt her hands slide down my sides and grip my ass from behind. She pulled me against her, gripping each buttock hard in each hand and separating them as she ground our pubic mounds against each other. We both hazarded a glance down at the cops. Both men watched us make out. They stared wordlessly up at Cindee's magnificent body. Her long legs and perfect ass pressing back against the railing, the back. But I also wanted to feel his cock in my mouth. It was like another person talking when I said, "Would you please piss in my mouth?”He smiled and started to pee. It was like a small hose – it was in my mouth, all over my face, my shirt was getting soaked. I was surprised that the taste wasn't bad. He was smiling when he said, "I am going to fill your mouth now." I didn't realize this meant he was going to jam his cock in my mouth while he was still pissing. I was gagging and pulling away but he. I see one who watches you from afar. A comely man, his courage building. Soon ... Yes, soon, he will seek your favor.”“Is his name John?” Jamie asked.The fortune teller looked up from the crystal ball and said, “This I cannot see, but I see anticipation and arousal in your face as he approaches. You desire him.”Jamie let out a sharp, high-pitched moan and said, “Oh my.”The fortune teller chuckled. “This is what I see in your future, my child.” She then looked at Kara and said, “Come, let us see.
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