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Lara figured she’d start her first day alone by exploring outside of town. Leavenworth was a busy town for her ideas about Kansas, with the Missouri...River bordering one side. She wanted to see the open country and Mark agreed to let her have the car to do so.Talking over the idea with Mark the previous night, she had a direction to drive. Soon she would be away from the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the small busy town. Lara drove down 4th Avenue to make her way to KS-92. Make a right by the Dollar. Ohhh fuck yesss.”I stroked harder as her hand pumped faster, shoving that dildo in and out. Her hips started to buck, her pussy craving more of the healthy dildo.“Fuck yes, Sam. Fuck yes! Fuck this hot dildo is pounding me. Filling me up. Fucking me hard and deep. Ohhh fuck yesss....”Her words turned to moans and screams that reached a lustful crescendo. Her fingers working furiously to flick her clit to heighten the orgasm. The wave crashed and her heavy breasts heaved as the orgasm worked its. Clean my cock with your mouth." I step closer to her and push my cock towards her face."No. That's fucking disgusting. This sucks and it's gross. You're an asshole!"I slap her face and push my cock against her mouth. For a second her face is just a perfect picture of absolute shock. Then she starts crying. She covers her face with her hands and sobs. I let that go on for a few seconds and then ask "What's wrong baby?"Through wracking sobs she starts whining about vomiting on herself and how I'm. I feel you rubbing my g-spot which drives me insane and I come screaming. You lap up my juices and then you come up to kiss me. I taste myself on your lips which drives me crazy. You pull my panties off and finger me as we kiss. My pussy loves your fingers as it grips them and pulls them deeper into me. You groan and finger me deeper. I come again and bite your lip which turns you on even more. I pull off your t-shirt and attack your nipples and chest with ferocity. You growl and pull my head.
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