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” He reached back to grab my lower leg and began sucking on my toes. I’ve never had anyone do that before and it felt so incredible. His tongue sw...rling around….the sucking…the wetness of his mouth… All I could do was moan, “Ohhhhh, yes, baby.” He bestowed the same sensual touches on my other foot and I was in ecstasy. I was so relieved that I left my panties on because I could already feel that I had soaked them through and a wet spot was forming underneath me. He resumed the massage and I. Serpa added, ‘Though it has other uses too. I love taking it home to my wife, she loves the paddle.’ I took that to mean she enjoyed paddling her wife as part of their bedroom games but I had got it slightly wrong, ‘Yes. Sometimes I can’t sit down for days after.’ I didn’t know what to say so said nothing. In my world, or rather in the world I used to live in, women going to bed with women was a deplorable concept. Apparently the Queen didn’t even believe such a thing was possible. If she had. I had always got on well with Aunt Gill, she was much younger than my mother and there were no airs and graces when it came down to playing with Sholona and me. Now her visit was a much more sombre time with these grave losses to bear.Gill too, had suffered from the civil war. Her first husband, the Duke Desmond of Albany Prime, a garrison general, had been assassinated, as the war intensified in year 7930 E, when I was 16 and their only daughter Lilian was a precocious child of 5. They had. It was more to get out of the cave for a day and to interact with others than any other real necessity. They had more than enough food stocked away now to meet their needs for many months, if they had to stay hidden. They even had cluckers living in Bess’s cavern so they had eggs and Mark could cook his chicken dishes.The day out was always fun, and they had taken to exploring odd little stores just for the fun of it. Mark collected any books he found, and he had collected some other odd.
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