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" Well, I just stopped by to take care of Elizabeth's cats. Talk to you later."Rick went back to reading his book and I let myself in to Elizabeth's h...use. The cats were playful but glad to see someone hadn't forgotten their need to be fed. As I fixed their food I looked out the kitchen window at Rick. The way he was he was lying he couldn't see me staring at his body. He was about six feet and 175 pounds. He had a sculptured body and I was sure he worked out a lot. He had a great tan which. Maine Han Kar di.. Fir Hum uske Ghar pahunche.. Ghar par koi v nehi tha.. Maine pucha tumhare husband??To wo boli k uske husband saal me ek baar hi ate hain Kyonki baki time wo ship me hote hain kyon k wo merchant Navy me hain… Fir wo coffee Bana k layi.. Aur Hum coffee peene lage.. Fir achanak se hi usne mujhe pucha k us din itni Der tak kya dekh Rahe the khidki se..Mujhe thoda sharm ane laga. Maine kaha Kuch nei bas aise hi…..wo puchne lagi kya aise hi.. Tum to mujhe dekh Rahe the.. Par kyon. "No, we'll take the room," I said. "It's done, Lets get our bags and go up to the room."The room was beautiful and the clerk was right, it was a King size bed. It was huge. That fact alone made me feel better. We could sleep in this bed and not even seem to be in the same proximity of each other, I thought to myself.After we were settled in the room I suggested we go down to the motel coffee shop for a bite to eat. After a couple glasses of wine I knew it was time to get some sleep.While. We didn't wash and just went to sleep in utter dirty bliss. And in the morning.... I was the first to wake up. I rubbed my eyes with disbelief at being smothered by these beautiful, sleeping bodies. I just watched them for a while: Nicki was lying on her back, with her head resting on Jacks chest, one hand underneath it. Her legs were open. Jack was lying on his back aswell. One arm wrapped round Nicki, the other by his side. The air was warm and salty, with fragrant scents of sex looming.
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