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We kissed and slept hugging each other that night.The next morning, we woke in each other’s arms. The aroma of the room still had the smell of our l...st night’s adventure. So we changed the bed sheet, got ready, and rushed to college.In college, my mind was just on the incident about yesterday. I wanted to reach home as soon as possible and continue the adventure. But a part of me also knew that it wouldn’t be possible as Rubina will be back home today. We cannot do much with her beside us.After. We want to look like Sherry, Camille and Jean ... and the rest of your troupe.We were standing outside the door marked - Manager - when she gripped the bottom of her blouse and pulled it up under her chin to expose her tiny little nipples. Her breasts are nonexistent. Her nipples are even smaller than mine.“Come inside with me. If you ever tell anyone about what you’re about to witness, your breasts will not only disappear, so will your nipples and you won’t even have two freckles on your chest. She really took her time with me which truly helped plus she was not that large – maybe 5-6 inches which made things nice. We ended up repeating it occasionally maybe once a week but largely I remained the dominant one.The cool thing I loved about her was that she was so chill and we talked about everything under the sun. We used ‘hot and cold therapy’ on each other at times which we both loved. Basically, we would have a glass of ice water and a cup of hot coffee on the nightstand next to the. Smile... that's very pretty. Step out of them." I did and was naked again except for my shoes and socks. The crowd really cheered. I noticed there were closer to 100 people now, and blushed hard."Put your pants on again, please," Harold said. I did so, and he took several pictures of me topless. "Now slowly slide them down and off. Smile!" he said. I tried to smile, and slowly lowered my pants again."Time to get to class," the principal said.I nodded, gulping, and put my clothes in the.
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